PlayDate is a water party entertainment service brought right to your yard!! Water slides, guns, balloons, and interactive water activities that keep you engaged. PlayDate is the entertainment you want this summer!!!

DUE TO COVID-19, We are lowering our price and limiting our max capacity to 12 kids.

Water Balloon Dodgeball
Ice Water Bungee Dump
Car Wash Relay
Soak Door Tug of War


A PlayDate party comes with a water slide, sit 'n' soak(dunk tank alternative), inflatable pool, water guns, water balloons, and 4 interactive water games. Interactive activities will be determined by the ages and number of people to personalize your party.

$265 for 90 minutes

Car Wash Relay
Musical Chairs w/sprinkler option
Water balloon scavenger hunt
Water ball color match

Toddler Acivities