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Mercenary Mayhem is a shooting and riddle activity between 'mercenaries' to see who can finish the game with the most cash. Each team will be equipped with high powered gel bead rifles, that offer just enough sting, but not the level of a paintball gun. Walkie talkies, surrender flags, protective goggles, and team vest will also be povided. Hidden riddle boxes will need to be found, solved, and opened to retrieve the cash. The team that comes out with the most cash after  45 minutes, wins.  NOTE: THE CASH IS FAKE!!


$25per Participant

45 Minute activity!!

(ages 12 and up)

How this works...

1. Each group will be equipped with Gel Rifles, Goggles, Hip Pack, and Walkie Talkies. Dress for the outdoors!!

2. Riddle boxes will consist of fake cash and extra ammo. Watch your ammo!!, Pulled surrender flags lead to giving up ALL your collected cash!!

3. After the war is over, we will take group pictures.

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