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Company Bio

The idea of Camp C.O.R.E. was originated in June of 2012.  It was formulated from the interest of my brothers and I having numerous obstacle course and recreational ideas, but there not being specific ones to participate in.  Having already held interest in physical fitness and helping others in the field,  the thought of creating a recreational company to do so brought the plan behind Camp C.O.R.E. to life.

About Camp C.O.R.E.

Based out of Atlanta, Ga, the focus of Camp C.O.R.E. is to encourage play in people of several ages.  The atmosphere created by the company will be clean and friendly where participants will be comfortable in the attendance of any of our events.  We will offer innovative activity and memorable hassle free affairs.  Camp C.O.R.E. stands behind being active and will provide unmatched enjoyment and encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.  As a planning and recreational service, Camp C.O.R.E. participants are expected to have a great experience and leave accomplished, active, and amused.

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